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Oggioni e Associati

Architecture - Engeneering - Project Management

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Oggioni e Associati

Architecture - Engineering - Project Management

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Oggioni e Associati

Architecture - Engineering - Project Management

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Welcome to Oggioni e Associati

We are a project management company operating from 20 years firmly in the Milan area.
The studio now boasts a solid experience both in the public and private fields, in architectural design at all scales, from urban intervention, to social housing, down to interior design details.
All this is made possible by our team and our simple and flexible structure that can create a solid connection with architectural firms, national and international clients, responding effectively to the different needs anywhere around the world.

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Monza site 2018 - renovation of a church

In the next few weeks the site for the renovation will be on!

2018 works will start

New site in Monza via Bixio

Another projet will start soon in Monza via Bixio!
New Project 2018

New Project 2018

After the E+F plot done in 2017, this year we're ready to develop the new plot M+N!  

We'll keep you update soon!

Project 2018

Monza site on Via Guardi

Completed the carpentry and now begin the work of the perimeter walls.
Soon also the traces of the interior tables sold!
Site update

Usmate site - work in progress

The work continues without interruption in the construction site at Usmate Velate: doing new traces of the plants and the completion of the coverage 

Site update


Happy 2018!! We are ready for new challenges!!

HAPPY 2018!!

Happy New Year!


Merry Christmas

Usmate site - work in progress

The traces of the Usmate site in via Miramonti are shipped! The first apartments take shape..

Site update

Carnate site - renovation of ancient stables

A important project came out: the renovation of ancient stables in Carnate using BIM technology!

New project

Update for a site in Monza - via Guardi

A new update from our siite in Monza Via guardi!  3rd floor completed! #ontime

Update project

Renovation Site in Monza

A new project is started! Renovation of a Parish in Monza through BIM technology 

new project

Franco Oggioni Interview

A recent interview from 'Il Cittadino di Monza e Brianza' by Franco Oggioni: talking about Social housing, Urban regeneration, New needs

Construction site in Monza

In July we took a further step in the Via Guardi site: now developing the ground floor elevations


Use of B.I.M. technology a step ahead to get into!

Urban Regeneration

Urban Regeneration in our cities, an actual prospective

Milan ArchWeek

Be prepared to Milan ArchWeek from 12th to 18th of June at Politecnico di Milano and Triennale: we'll be there!
ilsole24ore magazine

New Website

It's on line from today the new website, new skin for us and new goals to reach for Oggioni e Associati. Update

Muscat - OMAN

On 23th April we'll have a business trip in Muscat - Oman, meeting news potential clients and starting new relationships
Business Trip

Guardi Residence

Via Guardi Site, Monza - In less than a month the structures for basements have been completed and backfilling works have begun 

what's in future?

In the future not only energy saving but also comfort and well-being
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Usmate Site

Site of Usmate in Via Miramonti started carpentry and masonry works on the ground floor

Our Activities

We are able to develop the different stages of the project realization: from the initial pre-feasibility study to preliminary, final and executive projects, acquiring all the relevant permits from the contract, in compliance with the Times, Costs and Quality, up to commissioning and programming and Constant monitoring of maintenance activities.