Who we are




Our team is formed by Architects, Engineers, Surveyors, who have gained valuable experience and innovative public and private commissions and now operating with BIM methodology.

A multidisciplinary team able to receive, combine and develop all phases of design and implementation of a work by integrating specific skills.

We consistently foster an innovative approach, creative and proactive to the different needs of:

planning, architectural and engineering design, procurement and control of the work flow and all the processes of transformation and innovation of the city.


Our Skills

We are a young and steady growthing team, thrilled by the new challenges that make research and sharing its strength!

We think that each project born out of a strong, sustainable idea that grows through multiple points of view and sensitivity, which positively involves not only the scope but all its system.

The project becomes ground for comparison, analysis, sharing and participation of all involved parties, from the customer, to the user citizen and final user.

We think that our projects are source of innovation, positive development, quality improvement and progress:
all these points are best identified and communicated to all stakeholders according to precise strategies.








New site in Progress in Monza

A new project begin in Monza Via Nino Bixio

New Project

New site in Progress in Treviglio

A new project is going to start! Treviglio pre concept

New Project

VR firts steps

A different way to create and project the realty!

New site in Progress in Macherio

A new project is going to start! Macherio via Verdi

New Project

Sarajevo 2018

This month we partecipated to DA2018 in Sarajevo!

Days of Architecture

BIM Certificate

We're officially BIM Certified!!

Monza 2

We're happy to present Monza 2 project!

Urban Rigeneration

Site in Usmate - Velate

Usmate site is on time!
Site in progress

Monza site 2018 - renovation of a church

In the next few weeks the site for the renovation will be on!

2018 works will start

New site in Monza via Bixio

Another projet will start soon in Monza via Bixio!
New Project 2018

New Project 2018

After the E+F plot done in 2017, this year we're ready to develop the new plot M+N!  

We'll keep you update soon!

Project 2018


Happy 2018!! We are ready for new challenges!!

HAPPY 2018!!

Carnate site - renovation of ancient stables

A important project came out: the renovation of ancient stables in Carnate using BIM technology!

New project

Update for a site in Monza - via Guardi

A new update from our siite in Monza Via guardi!  3rd floor completed! #ontime

Update project

Renovation Site in Monza

A new project is started! Renovation of a Parish in Monza through BIM technology 

new project

Franco Oggioni Interview

A recent interview from 'Il Cittadino di Monza e Brianza' by Franco Oggioni: talking about Social housing, Urban regeneration, New needs


Use of B.I.M. technology a step ahead to get into!

Muscat - OMAN

On 23th April we'll have a business trip in Muscat - Oman, meeting news potential clients and starting new relationships
Business Trip


These are just some of our most significant milestones in our history over the years


New challenges

It promises a year full of news!


Bim Certification

We've been certified for BIM and parteciped to the 'Days of Architecture' in Sarajevo.


Business trip in Muscat - Oman

Even this year we decided to open up to new markets and in April we went to Muscat - Oman for commercial meetings.


Business trip in Tehran - Iran

    As has happened a few years ago, a business trip in a country of ancient traditions: IRAN  

    In December of the same year, Alessandro Zizzi joined the group bringing with him new skills
    that are well integrated with the many previous ones, the firm now has added a consultancy
    services for:

     Structural design  
     Plant design  
     Technical advice and fire prevention


Another partner

Fabrizio Bonafede joins the Oggioni and Associati Group by bringing his specific skills in the following fields:

 Safety in construction sites 

 Real estate estimation  

 Technical consultancy in civil litigation



We celebrate the first 10 years of activity and the first contact with the Arab world is being created. A project for a Yanbu 'Al Bahr (Saudi Arabia) a production site is commissioned


New entry

Daniela Ponticelli becomes a member of Oggioni e Associati adding value and skills to the firm in cadastral and energy field


A new adventure started

    Franco Oggioni after several years spent working for municipality, decides to change
    his life and look for new challenges: 

    Oggioni e Associati firm opened at Torri Bianche in Vimercate