Our Services


We can develop all the different phases of work in both sectors: private and public, starting with the master plan that the initial pre-feasibility study, with the preparation of the business plan, sharing with customers and the development of pre-projects, final and executive, acquiring all necessary permits related:

the contract and testing of the works in accordance with the TIMES, COST and QUALITY, up to commissioning and programming and constant monitoring of maintenance activities using the new system we used B.I.M. methodology.


Building Information Modeling is, first of all, a method that allows to use a virtual 3D information model that give the possibility to manage and manipulate the whole lifecycle of the project by our team, creating a collaborative approach allowing a 360 ° view of all aspects:

Economic and environmental considerations, such as urbanization constraints, construction and maintenance costs, and energy efficiency, thus avoiding loss of information resulting in less time and misunderstanding among professionals while saving on project final costs.

Our team uses the Autodesk Revit application to design, control and manage more complex projects.


   Architecture Design

The planning and design area represents our core business, thus representing a wide range of services that we have decided to break into several subcategories based on the projects we have deal with:

 Urbanism and landscape architecture

   Architectural design

   Restructuring and conservation

   Interior design

Let's see one by one:

   Urban Planning:

We are able to develop urban plans, from urban scale to implementation plans, thanks to the experience gained in the development of urban plans such as:

 Territory Government Plans

  Strategic Environmental Assessments (VAS)

  Complex urban programs

  Implementation plans

  Final and executive projects for urbanization works and public works competition procedures;

In addition, by collaborating at an inter-institutional level and by tightening up program agreements, neighborhood contracts, integrated intervention programs and urban redevelopment programs, we are able to maximize the value of modern urban planning tools.

   Architectural design:

This activity is strictly related to:

Public works, residential, commercial, receptive, directional and productive buildings.

The stages in which design is divided into a preliminary design step, following the final design phase with the acquisition of the qualifying titles, and ultimately the executive design, aimed at the construction site stage.

 Restructuring and conservation:

In the awareness that old and new can coexist, we are convinced that the "new" is a way to allow reading of the original artifact, safeguarding the individuality of objects and the permanence of authentic matter.

Thanks to our experience in defining the existing building heritage, we have perfected a process aimed at the prevalence of the historical element.

These activities concern:

  Historical survey and analysis

  Analysis of materials and construction techniques

  Representation of the "graphic sign"

  Map of degradation

  Analysis of structural systems

  Technical conservation measures


   Interior design

In the panorama of our activities, in recent years we have developed a special attention to the interior, both for residential projects and for commercial projects.

With our clients we are able to study all the details of interior design, color, materials, furnishings and lighting, thanks to the use of 3D animation and visualization software.

Architecture Design

 Project Management

In order to complete and to the best of every new project we have defined a standardized system of procedures and accurate controls based on a system of ''indicators of the project''.

These are the main phases:

  Pre-feasibility Assessments

  Drafting the business plan

  Analytical cost quantification

  Scheduling the implementation times

  Identifying and Programming Elementary Tasks (Task)

  Preparation of contract agreement and management of the process of relying of the works

  Management process analysis and control

  Assistance to the test

  Assistance for acquiring occupational and occupational authorizations

  Construction supervision

  Security of the shipyards

Our experience and the constant search for improvement of our abilities in each new project guarantees the achievement of the most important final goals:

Times - Costs - Quality

Project Management

 Facility Management

We're professionist in facility management field, our team building everyday an integrated management of services developed in BIM, and
the implementation of easily consultable databases, constantly guarantees the performance and value of your property ensuring the continuity of rental income.

Increasing the performance of work environments and remodeling spaces promotes the participation and involvement of its employees and allows significant savings in operating costs.

The Facility Management service promoted by Oggioni e Associati in collaboration with our partner COGESTI SRL, 

allow the development of a complete and customized real estate service for the following assets:

- Hotellerie 

- Industrial

- Retail

- Offices and business hub

Real Estate Management

 Energy Consultancy

Our specialized engineers will provide consultancy in order to improve the energy performance of the building and to guarantee its design objectives.  

In the process, all architectural and structural components are monitored and horizontal and vertical envelop packages are analyzed.  

We therefore provide advice to ensure a better energy performance of the building through a precise choice of materials and architectural design.

Energy Consultancy

Certification and Cosultancy

We carry out technical consultations on matters relating to civil litigation, urban planning, construction, building security and related contractual matters.

Certification and Consultancy